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Lost my License (seeing ads)

Google Billing is not informing us of your in-app purchase.

We need to try the following to *force* the correct answer from Google Billing.

1) General Settings > Apps > 'Google Play Store', FORCE STOP and CLEAR DATA then open the Google Play app and press Accept. 

2) Also check if you have multiple Google Play accounts, see which one you purchased under (as you must be logged into that account in Google Play or purchase on multiple accounts, that's just a google thing not us!). If you have multiple accounts, consider removing ones you no longer need. Ensure you are logged into Google Play with the account you purchased under.

3) Uninstall Chomp SMS, ***reboot*** and Install Chomp SMS from Google Play.

4) Startup Chomp SMS and it'll show you as a Licensed user in Settings. 

Any issues, contact us please.

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