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  1. your apps is so nice

  2. pop up in center notification

  3. separate the toggle data for send and receive. I would like to have the data toggle on for sending mms only

  4. Decrease lost space on conversation screen

  5. Maybe an option to keep the APP in RAM for a more smooth response

  6. Group txt feature

  7. "Like" texts

  8. Does this app send any of my data to Google?

  9. I want to select a response and reply specifically to it, with an emoji or a text.

  10. this app uses half my data each month! im going to delete it if it continues.

  11. Take "Delete All" away from the main menu

  12. Hello. Please add options and the ability to insert message data into the Message Archive. Please add the Message Archive option. Regards

  13. Where is the option : "automatically turn the datas on when sending or receiving a mms"? That's the reason why i'm using chomp.

  14. MMS won't download when on call & WiFi available

  15. Ever since your recent update, I have been unable to receive texts with pictures without turning on my data. Will not load when using WiFi.

  16. Create a real time timestamp on mms that tells if it sent or not. Message details say sent but not accurate.

  17. Just updated to lollipop on my Samsun and now the feature that temporarily opens data when you are on Wi-Fi to receive an MMS or send one d

  18. Will chompSMS send and receive SMS texts over WiFi when traveling outside the USA?

  19. Is there a reason I cannot receive text messages from users of signal

  20. Put busy or got for a while get back you later

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